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The Financial Life Coach Podcast

Dec 20, 2017

  • The importance of purposeful practice
  • No improvement happens in your comfort zone
  • Why full financial planning, every client, every time makes first meetings much easier


Dec 7, 2017

  • How to reassure potential clients that they have come to the right place
  • How a client’s story is far more important than their money
  • How to bring into adulthood the childhood feeling of awe of what’s possible
  • How to consciously design your business environment and continually improving it
  • The importance of flagging...

Dec 1, 2017

  • Why the first question is “Why are you here?” Then: “Anything else?”
  • Why how planners FEEL in a meeting is crucial
  • Why attachment emotions and survivor emotions are impacting on your success in first meetings
  • What one to one coaching has taught Tina
  • Why you need to run a profitable business.


Nov 22, 2017

  • How to set client expectations without even knowing it
  • The importance of listening and challenging
  • Why ‘slow planning’ develops a better long term relationship
  • How to look for the underlying objective through deeper questioning
  • Why understanding your own values is crucial
  • Why living your own values is essential for...

Nov 15, 2017

  • Why free FP seminars were the best thing Thornton ever did
  • How she has adopted the training from the Inspiring Adviser program into her own scripts and process
  • The unexpected benefits of setting up a client advisory board
  • Why Thornton will see anyone who wants to come in for an initial meeting
  • Why you mustn’t...